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Southeast Asia Meet-Up

Southeast Asia Meet-Up

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Southeast Asia

1.12.2023, University of Zurich

As a culturally, politically, and economically diverse and highly dynamic region, Southeast Asia has attracted increasing interest among students and researchers from various disciplines across Switzerland and in its neighbouring countries. The Southeast Asia Meet-Up brings these varied strands of research together in a one-day, in-person event at the University of Zurich. The Meet-Up is aimed at fostering exchange between academics from a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities working in and on the Southeast Asian region. The event is envisioned as a platform to present research projects, share ideas, discuss teaching in and on the region, collaborate across disciplines and institutes, and make new and lasting connections within the field of Southeast Asian studies in Switzerland, and beyond.

Students and researchers interested in attending the event are asked to register by November 15th.